How to Play Backrooms Game?

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The backrooms game is divided into four levels, each with a different theme and difficulty.

The backrooms is a scary game based on a scary story on the internet with the same name. In the game, you have to explore a never-ending set of random rooms that look like old, abandoned offices. There are buzzing fluorescent lights, dirty floors, and a feeling of dread in the rooms. The game doesn't have a clear goal, other than to avoid the shadowy creatures and try to get out of the back rooms.

Backrooms Game Levels

The backrooms game has four levels, and each level has its own theme and amount of difficulty. These are the tiers:

• Level 0 is the first level, where most of the places are the same and it's easy to get around. In this level, there are no enemies, but there are some noises and bugs that might scare you. The door to Level 1 is yellow and goes to the exit.

• Level 1: The first level where enemies appear. The rooms are more complicated and have more furniture and other things in them. The enemies look like people and can attack and chase you if they see you. They can also open doors and follow you into other rooms. Level 2 can be reached through a red door at the exit.

• Level 2: The second level has darker, more twisted rooms. The monsters are more aggressive and faster, and they can also crawl on the walls and ceilings. Level 3 can be reached through a blue door at the exit.

• Level 3 is the last level, and all of the places are messed up and strange. The enemies are scary and hard to predict, and they can come from anywhere. The end of the game is through a white door that goes to the exit.

We'll tell you how to play the game, what to expect in each level, and how to stay alive and get out of the backrooms.

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