Teak Tables are Durable, and Strong

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Teak Tables are Durable, and Strong Teak Tables are Durable, and Strong



Everything old is new again and that costs Teak as well. This beautiful, relatively care-free and amazingly versatile wood floor was very popular in the fifties and sixties, especially among Danish furniture lovers, and it's really now enjoying a rebirth thanks to its many attributes.

Teak (Tectona) is a tropical wood floor that grows mostly in South america and Southeast Asia. The trees and shrubs reach height of 30-40 meters (100 -- 130 feet). Although there are three species of teak, Tectona grandis, or "Common Teak" is the wood that is used for furniture. It grows in abundance and is not considered to be vulnerable. Knowing the value of Teak to their economy, Asians practice precise and economical forestry management practices when growing and farming their teak for move. Most Teak grown for move is raised on carefully managed commercial forest plantations. The wood is so heavy that in Thailand, elephants are still used to transport Teak timber from the plantations to the boats that take the Teak timber to market.

Teak is a very popular wood that is used for manufacturing outdoor furniture as well as boats, boat units, boat hatches, home flooring, outdoor units and a variety of indoor furniture including bookcases, dressers, tables, etc.

Teak is valued by craftsmen and boat contractors because it is very easy to work with, is extremely water and insect-proof, and will not easily split, warp or interact with corrosive materials such as metal screws, nails and equipments Teak garden furniture. The naturally occurring Teak oil is responsible, partially, for the durability of this versatile wood.

Because Teak is not a food source for termites, it is especially revered in areas where termites are only in great quantities such as in the You. S. The southern area of states, Photography equipment and The indian subcontinent.

Teak furniture, especially outdoor Teak furniture, was once so expensive that it could only be afforded by the top fashion gurus. It became very popular in The united kingdom during the Victorian Era of the 1800's where it was found in the gardens and on the patios of only the richest families.

Today Teak is affordable but still runs towards the high choice of wood floor prices. But its durability, strength and beautiful honey tones, that cool to a soft dull as the wood ages, makes it worth the price.

Teak is easy to maintain. Outdoor Teak furniture should be cleansed down once a year and then treated with Teak oil. If the wood has mellowed and turned dull, the color can be reconditioned with just a light sanding. But the choice is yours because the wood retains its natural beauty no matter what color it is.

In particularly damp or humid areas, Teak will sometimes support the growth of mold. This is easily removed by using a 1: 4 water/bleach mixture, rinsing the wood off and then applying several applications of Teak oil after the wood is thoroughly dry.

Buying Teak Furniture

Because Teak is very popular now, there are Teak furniture dealers everywhere you look. Be careful when buying your Teak furniture so you don't end up with a Teak veneer piece instead of one made from solid Teak. Reputable Teak furniture dealers will distinguish between solid Teak and Teak veneers but if you're buying your Teak furniture from a used furniture store or from a garage sale, then examine the piece carefully before you plunk down your hard-earned money!

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