What are Montessori sets?

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Montessori furniture set ♥ Our company offers an alternative to games with gadgets ♥ The range is represented by wooden arches, triangles, ramps, balancing boards and more

The standard set https://woodandhearts.com/collections/montessori-furniture-set includes three elements which are arch, ramp, and triangle. This set can be transformed into a fairy tale house or a gym like that of the parents. Montessori furniture develops not only the child's motor skills but also enhances their imagination and creativity. Don't forget that you can play a lot of great games with a child, creating other ways to enjoy the set.

Here are our newest and most popular items in the category of montessori furniture.
Materials, colors, and other features

When we talk about the Maria Montessori method, we are also dealing with respect for the environment. The child has to grow in harmony and there is nothing more harmonious than pure nature. We prefer natural materials in our production. Parents choose wooden furniture to protect the health and tranquility of their children.

The Montessori philosophy takes into account the individual character of a person. Therefore, the design of the furniture is universal. Each item is made of the same material, with the same color. The simplicity and uniformity of furniture is to teach children to focus on more important things.

All furniture is designed to be as functional and ergonomic as possible. Children should be able to use it freely and safely.
The furniture is made of beech wood. The color is natural, so it does not disturb the child’s concentration.
All materials used in the production of furniture comply with European safety standards.