Disappearing dormitory

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Xu Chang looked at Bai Ying, in fact, for orphans, being adopted is a good thing, but look at Bai Ying's expression, combined with the memory of her before, Xu Chang suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

Xu Chang looked at Bai Ying, in fact, for orphans, being adopted is a good thing, but look at Bai Ying's expression, combined with the memory of her before, Xu Chang suddenly felt very uncomfortable. After being adopted, I have been afraid that my adoptive parents do not like me, always careful, dare not eat more when eating, take the initiative to clean the house every day, I try to do my best, but. But then they didn't want me. Bai Ying stopped and relaxed for a while before continuing: "It was when I was fifteen years old. After the evening self-study, I went home as usual. In the alley I had to pass, I was dragged into the darkness by a group of people." Xu Chang's heart tightened, dark alleys, torn clothes, weaker and weaker cries for help. Fortunately, my brother appeared at the most dangerous time. My brother and I were in the same school. He heard my cry for help. To save me,tannic acid astringent, he was almost beaten to death by those people, and then, when it got big and on the news, my adoptive parents thought I was in trouble, and they.. Don't want me. Bai Ying's expression was very calm, as if none of this had happened to her. Xu Chang looked at Bai Ying, looked at her slightly tender face, in the heart a burst of uncomfortable. He remembered that Bai Ying was a few years younger than him,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, and that a girl of this age should not have suffered such a thing. You can cry if you are sad. Who am I crying for? No one will come to comfort me. "I will comfort you!" As soon as the words came out of his mouth, Xu Chang himself reacted. What position did he have to say such a thing? He and Bai Ying are not very familiar with each other. With a smile in her eyes, Bai Ying said, "Thank you, but I've been doing this for so many years." After a long silence, Xu Chang patted Bai Ying on the shoulder. "Sister Ying, you're all right." In the living room of the rental house, four people sat on the sofa, looking as if they were ready to talk all night. Bai Ying said with a deep sigh, "I have never told you that my investigation of the science and technology building actually has something to do with my brother." Bai Ying told Kong Hua and Cheng Che about Chen Zhao's disappearance. In fact, she didn't want to tell them at first. She was afraid that they had something to do with the people behind the scenes. But after experiencing such a thing, she felt that those things should have nothing to do with these two people. Maybe it was intuition. Her intuition was always very accurate. What's more, she had mentioned her brother before when she said goodbye to her master. Instead of letting them guess why she was investigating the science and technology building, phycocyanin spirulina ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, she might as well say it herself. After the story was told, everyone was silent, Cheng Che felt that all this was too incredible, Kong Hua was a high-flying look. Sister Ying, you can rest assured that we will help you find your brother! Said, she took out her cell phone: "Let's add a WeChat to each other and set up a WeChat group to facilitate contact." "Do you build a group face to face?" Cheng Che also took out his cell phone. After joining the Wechat group, he glanced at the name of the Wechat group: Dragon Scout Rangers God, the dragon is a ghost.. Seeing the name, Xu Chang suddenly remembered and said to Bai Ying, "He Laobo locked the ghost that collided with you in the mirror before, and we didn't know how to deal with it." "Right, right, right!" Kong Hua nodded in agreement. Bai Ying stood up. "I'll go and have a look." Then she went into the bathroom, and after a while, she came out with a sullen face: "The ghost has escaped." (End of Volume I) Chapter 19 The sky is overcast with a face, winter has not come completely, half cold can not always give a happy, like a little bit of thorn with a saw. Encore has been relatively idle recently, so she joined the student union. The process of joining the student union is very simple. Fill in the application form and attend an interview. The requirements are not too high. Encore admires Luo Tingting, the president of the student union. She thinks that Tingting is very beautiful and temperamental. She always lifts weights lightly. Every time she makes a speech on the stage, she is very stylish. Yes, she is stylish. In Encore's mind, a girl like Tingting is stylish. And she herself has always been the kind of very shy, very shy girl, always hoping to become a model like Tingting sister. On this day, Anke came to Luo Tingting for a handover project of the student union. People are like this, when they see their idols, they can't help but want to find some topics to get close to. Seeing Tingting still glowing as usual, Anke wanted to find some interesting topics to talk about, so that Tingting could remember herself. Sister Tingting, you don't know that just a few weeks ago, a boy came into our dormitory building. As expected, Tingting showed a more interested expression and asked, "What's the matter?" "Just a few weeks ago, a girl in our dormitory had a fever and was in a coma, and then her boyfriend came to our dormitory and carried her to the hospital." Luo Tingting nodded and sighed with emotion: "Now the freshmen are really full of passion!" "Not a freshman, that boy is not a freshman, and Tingting sister in the same grade." "Oh?" Luo Tingting showed an unexpected expression: "It's our grade!"! Do you know what the name is? Maybe I know it. Encore slanted his head and thought, "What's your name?"? I'm not sure. I think it's called.. Xu Chang " With a snap, the book in Luo Tingting's hand fell to the ground. Anke quickly lowered his head to help Luo Tingting pick up the book: "Sister Tingting, you dropped the book." Luo Tingting did not take the book immediately, she looked at the encore: "What is the name of that girl in your dormitory?" "Bai Ying." …… Bai Ying took out her mobile phone and opened the WeChat group with the title "Shenlong Ghost Detection Special Team", which was lit up with 99 + red dots. Kong Hua and Cheng Che chat in the WeChat group every day, and Bai Ying is too lazy to click on it. Three weeks have passed since the last incident. Recently,saw palmetto extract, the school was holding a monthly exam. Several of them were busy and decided to wait until the exam was over before taking a long view. But these days Bai Ying has a little headache, because she was carried out by Xu Chang in full view of the public when she was a victim of injustice, and she seems to be on fire in the grade all of a sudden. prius-biotech.com

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