A good wife helps the queen

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Ye Li left, but the paper was thrown on the ground. The words she once wrote, "Want a lot of money to fix the boss's big battle", were deliberately enlarged and particularly conspicuous.

Ye Li left, but the paper was thrown on the ground. The words she once wrote, "Want a lot of money to fix the boss's big battle", were deliberately enlarged and particularly conspicuous. Sheng Pu Zhou should see it clearly. Song Lai blushed, picked up the paper from the ground, looked down and said, "I.." I'm really not as simple as you see on the surface, I.. Go home first. It's too cold outside. Chapter 27 choosing a good tree to live in (1). Owe him an apology. It happened so suddenly. Suddenly, Song Lai has been in an unreal illusion for a long time. It was gray in front of my eyes. Sheng Pu Zhou when she took the car keys from her hand, when she got on the car, sitting in the passenger seat, she did not remember. Wait for her subconscious to tell herself not to escape, to face the reality, wake up, a bustling outside the window. The trees in the old city are mottled, and the moat is decorated with colorful colors. There were people playing guitar and singing on the street, surrounded by a group of people. Life is beautiful and lively. Song Lai looked out of the window and did not know when her tears fell out. She wiped them with her hands,Manual Flush Valve, thinking that she had told Bai Fangluo before that what she had done was her experience and a part of her life. It was no big deal to face it. Sucking her nose, she didn't dare to turn around and look at Sheng Pu Zhou. She lowered her voice: "I.." I have been close to you, just like that, want you to like me, want to get money from you to improve life, not really want to learn anything from you. When I just graduated from campus,stainless steel shower tray, I thought social life should be very simple, but I didn't think it was as difficult as I thought. The company is very beautiful. I go to work every day and wear beautiful clothes with a straight back. But when I get off work, I have to go back to the dirty and messy village in the city. I don't like it. There are many white, rich and beautiful people in the company. They carry famous brand bags every day and wear famous brands. Colleagues occasionally get together to discuss clothes brands. I can't afford them at all.. I finally got my salary and gritted my teeth to buy a famous brand bag, but I still paid in installments. Work is busy every day. "And many of my classmates are married after graduation, married well, have a car and a house, want to eat delicious food, want to take a trip on the go.." I'm envious. Anyway, the skin has been torn off. It's no fun to cover up any more. Song Lai simply said what he really thought, "so I wanted to marry a rich man at that time.". And then I aimed at you. Laughing sarcastically, "Before aiming at you, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,Time Delay Tap, there was a client who wanted to keep me, and I was moved, but I found out that he had a wife and children, and had a relationship with a girl in the company, and then the girl didn't end up well.." Rich clothes and jade food are temporarily available, but abortion several times, but also by the client's wife chasing and beating, several stitches on the face, disfigurement and cosmetic surgery. Being kept by someone who doesn't love you at all is very risky in the future. I thought it would be better to find someone who loves you. I'll approach you quietly, and I want you to like me, and then I can get on top. And then sneer, "I used to be like that." Pluck up the courage to turn around to look at him, "see the wrong eye, now the heart is not a kind of beep the feeling of the dog." "It's true, I can understand." Sheng Puzhou said. Soft tone like a feather across Song Lai's heart, her heart trembled, her voice trembled a little, "the real terrible is not." "Who doesn't have a little mind?". So do I. It's no big deal. What he said can protect her pride. Song Lai's nose was sour again. "I'm living in your house now. Don't misunderstand me. I don't have that idea." Sheng Pu Zhou, um. — It's a long way home. Along the way, the two men never spoke again. Although Sheng Pu Zhou said it was no big deal, he looked very understanding of her. But Song Lai knew that the gap between them already existed invisibly. The relationship will never return to its former nature. It's all like this, and it's a bit shameless to live in someone else's house. When she got home, she went into the bedroom and called Feng Qing: "I want to move back to your place tomorrow." As he spoke, tears fell down. When Feng Qing received her phone call, she saw that the time was 10:15. She was tired to death after a busy day in the woodworking workshop. Not long after she fell into bed in a daze, she listened to Song Lai's voice choking on the phone. She woke up in an instant and sat up from the bed, burning with anxiety: "Crying?"? What's going on? Did Sheng Pu Zhou bully you? "No." Song Lai wiped his tears more and more. "Who am I in your eyes?" Feng Qing was asked by her, anxious to scold a dirty word: "What's wrong with you?"! Don't change the subject for me! Song Lai: Maybe I am a simple girl in your eyes, but I am not. I am ambitious. I can pretend to be a white rabbit. Feng Qing: "What the *** are you talking about …" What's going on? I'll go there right now! While you're talking, get dressed. Song Lai shook his head. "No need to come here. Can't you listen to my phone carefully?" It's so late that you call me crying to move out, and I'm worried about you. Am I in the mood to listen to you? Dun Dun, the attitude is relaxed, "you say it." …… A few minutes passed. Feng Qing picked her feet at home, and the tension that had stood up gradually dissipated: "I thought it was a big deal. Who didn't have a little vanity when he was young and wanted to live a good life and toss about desperately?". The point is that you didn't hurt anyone in the end. What's wrong with him? Just look, she continued to comfort her, "Now you are shining and lovely, forget it before.". It's good to move out. When will you move? I'll pick you up with Xie Chen. "Tomorrow afternoon. I'll take a day off and clean up in the morning." — On the bedside table in Sheng Pu Zhou's bedroom, there is a photo of him and his father. He took a picture with him when he was in college. He was wearing a sportswear spirit, Sheng Li had not yet started the second spring at that time,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, was still sad for his mother, the whole person was covered with a layer of gray. Although he was smiling, it was obvious that he was not smiling. cnkexin.com

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