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Li Chengze looked at her little hand coldly. He had never seen anyone swear with five fingers. He should have known that this little liar was full of lies and was not worth believing at all.

Li Chengze looked at her little hand coldly. He had never seen anyone swear with five fingers. He should have known that this little liar was full of lies and was not worth believing at all. What came out of her mouth should at least be put in the washing machine for a few rounds before listening. The water was too big. Why should I protect you? "Because you're my man, Dad." Chen Yao hugged Li Chengze's arm. "Mu Chen is rich now. What should I do if he retaliates against me?"? I'm very weak, and I'm a star now. If he wants to punish me, only you can protect me. The first sentence "You are my man" just pleased General Manager Li, and the father of the gold owner behind him instantly beat him back to his original shape. Li Chengze stared at Chen Yao, "Is it a bad thing to do it again?" "Bad things?" Chen Yao chuckled. "That's not necessarily who did it. Since Mu Chen is determined to hate me, I want him to hate me even more.". Are you men obsessed with your first love, especially the beautiful first love? Li Chengze pulled her ear and pushed her little face away. "Please don't count me in." I don't know whether he said he didn't have his first love, or he didn't miss his first love, but it was all a trivial matter. Chen Yao didn't want Mu Chen to make a mistake in front of Li Chengze. There were some things that Chen Yao didn't want to mention any more. She said it in advance now. This honest and calm attitude expressed that she had no attachment to Mu Chen. She didn't see that Li Zong had not lost his temper until now? If the two really want to meet in the future, the enemy's road is narrow, and Chen Yao is afraid that General Manager Li will freeze the card he swiped for her in anger. Everyone knows which one to choose between the ex-boyfriend and the cash owner. Even though Chen Yao had already prepared for everyone to be together, she didn't expect the meeting between Li Chengze and Mu Chen to come so quickly. When she saw Mu Chen at the cocktail party the next day, she was shocked. Her mouth had been opened? Yesterday, I jokingly told General Manager Li that I could meet him tonight, but I really met him? Mu Chen is different from Li Zong. He really started from scratch and opened a game company. Before Chen Yao knew it,plastic pallet suppliers, he had already stepped into the top ten of the Chinese Rich List and was on the rise. In recent years, mobile games have caught fire. Muchen's company has launched several popular games, which have become a typical phenomenal mobile games. It has even cooperated with other industries to make animation and even make movies. It can be said that it is a rising upstart with a bright future. Chen Yao played the game, but never knew that the boss of "Aurora Game" was Mu Chen. Li Chengze rarely attended a cocktail party, and today was an exception. He was still thinking about Chen Yao saying that Mu Chen was her ex-boyfriend. Although Chen Yao did not mention how they knew each other and how they broke up, Li Chengze felt vaguely wrong. Who is Chen Yao? If you treat her as a silly white sweet or a black lotus flower, you are underestimating her. She has the ability to sell you,plastic pallet bins, but you are still willing to give her money. To say that this character has only been formed in recent years, Li Chengze thinks it is impossible. Chen Yao is very clever. Don't you see that Lu Zheng still treats her as a goddess and never forgets her? Chen Yao can coax Lu Zheng like this, why will let Mu Chen hate her? And what she said. There is no such person as Mu Chen in Chen Yao's information, because more than half of Chen Yao's 20 years of life has been completely erased, and what makes Li Chengze uncomfortable is here -- Mu Chen has participated in Chen Yao's past that he did not know at all, which makes him jealous. No matter what Chen Yao looked like in the past, he had never seen it before and could not see it again. Mu Chen has seen it. At first, Li Chengze didn't notice Mu Chen. He first went to see the founder of today's cocktail party, an elder who befriended the Li family. Chen Yao was not willing to go with him, so Li Chengze didn't force him. But when he came back, Chen Yao was not in the place before. Only a little wine red skirt was exposed at the window. That was the dress Chen Yao wore today. He walked over, plastic pallet price ,collapsible pallet box, but saw Chen Yao was holding his wrist, the other side is not Mu Chen who is? To be fair, Li Chengze appreciates Mu Chen very much. He is young, ruthless, and extremely smart. Even the two sides have the will to cooperate, but Chen Yao? That can't let. "General Manager Mu, how did my Chen Yao offend you and ask you to pull her like this?" When Chen Yao saw him, it was like seeing the Savior: "Cheng Ze!" Peach blossom eyes tears to drop, Li Chengze know she is acting, but how can let her be wronged in front of outsiders, he grabbed Mu Chen's wrist, "Mu Zong self-respect." Mu Chen stared at him, Li Chengze also stared at Mu Chen, two people's eyes are full of hostility to each other, do not hide. After a while, Mu Chen let go of his hand, not because of Li Chengze's restraint, but because Chen Yao was frowning. This expression Mu Chen is too familiar, she felt pain and did not want to be seen when this is the case, he had been distressed for such an expression, now he still can not escape the spell. Chen Yao unceremoniously used words to hurt him, which made his heart, which was already full of ugly jealousy, burn even worse. When he pulled her to the balcony, she told him that she had come with the money man, and said in a cocky tone that her money man was very rich, and that she had lived the good life she had dreamed of, and had forgotten all about the past. Mu Chen thought that even if I had money, she would not like me. Because there will always be someone with more money than me. Why did Chen Yao have to do this to him? This is Mu Chen until now can not figure out the problem, they are clearly still good, there is an agreement, a twinkling of an eye she fell out, instant from his world without saying goodbye, do not want to leave him. When there was only Chen Yao, Mu Chen wanted to stab her with vicious words. When Han Mingye was there, he couldn't stand the resentment and jealousy in his heart. He wanted the man whose eyes were full of love for Chen Yao to stay away from her. But in front of Li Chengze, Mu Chen didn't say anything. Chen Yao said that Li Chengze was her financial backer, and she now lives on him. If he said,drum spill pallet, Chen Yao might not have a good life. Mu Chen knew too well that people like Li Chengze could not bear the betrayal and concealment. He hated himself for thinking about Chen Yao until now, and did not care to deal with Li Chengze. He turned around and walked out of the balcony. Chen Yao is really beautiful today. Although she looks good in street clothes, she is really more suitable for beautiful clothes and delicacies. Chapter 49.

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