It's hard to fly with wings.

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Lu Jin bent down to pick up the umbrella and opened it to cover the light rain falling on her. Lu Jin, she just said- "Chu Yun came to his senses and hurriedly reached out to hold Lu Jin's big hand holding the umbrella, trying to tell him the news he had just heard."

Lu Jin bent down to pick up the umbrella and opened it to cover the light rain falling on her. Lu Jin, she just said- "Chu Yun came to his senses and hurriedly reached out to hold Lu Jin's big hand holding the umbrella, trying to tell him the news he had just heard." "I know, don't worry," Lu Jin reached out and held her in his arms and patted her thin, trembling shoulder. That phone call is also the reason why he rushed back suddenly. He had never placed his own people around Commander Lin, but two hours ago, Yandang urgently informed him that there was a very unfavorable phone call, and the specific content of the conversation was unclear. With Lin Beibei's message just now, he had probably guessed what was going on. Chu Yun held Lu Jin's waist tightly, raised his face against his chest, and opened his mouth eagerly: "Lu Jin, let's go!" Shall we leave here with Haohao and go back to China? We can live in peace, can't we? Chuyun Yingying's big eyes looked at Lu Jin without blinking, and his eyes were full of pleas. Lu Jin lowered his head and his black eyes quietly gazed into her eager eyes. "But I can't do anything but fight and kill," Lu Jin answered with a smile. The big eyes of the first cloud immediately flashed brilliant brilliance! It doesn't matter, I can go to work! I can hum- "her eager opening was suddenly kissed by Lu Jin.". The blue umbrella and the tiny drizzle all over the sky blocked the two figures together. Lu's long fingers slid up along the side of her pink neck, sank into the soft hair on her cheek, gently held her small face,die casting parts, and kissed her affectionately on her lips. She is really his silly baby. It's not as simple as she thinks. His identity has long been the object of great concern to all countries, how can he leave? At such a sensitive moment, which country is willing to accept his political asylum at the risk of being accused of sabotaging the peace talks? What's more, retreating without a fight is never what Lu Jin would do. I will send you and Haohao away first. "Lu Jin slowly left her tender and sweet, thin lips pressed against her lips and opened low." After the attack on the stronghold, I already had this idea. "Don't worry, baby,die cast light housing, I've arranged it all.". Huge amount of money, private beach, blue sky and white clouds. There are birds and dolphins. When you are bored, you can swim among the colorful fish. When you are tired, you can lie on the deck of the yacht and watch the stars in the sky. At night, you can fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves. She can tell stories to Haohao on the green trees and lawns. Inside the book is a world of ice and snow, and outside the book is sunny. Haohao can lie on the big hammock in the woods and watch the beautiful blue-tailed birds in the trees. No war, no darkness, no blood. He will give her and Haohao the best life and the best protection. No, you go with us, you can go anywhere.. "Chu Yun looked at Lu Jin and shook his head eagerly, with tears in his eyes.". She doesn't want to leave him, let alone leave him at this time. It doesn't matter if he doesn't want to take her back to China. They can go somewhere else and contact their little aunts when the time comes. Good, non standard fasteners ,die casting parts, you are here, I have no way to deal with this matter, "Lu Jin hugged her into his chest with one hand, his chin against the top of her hair, quietly looking at the rain curtain outside the umbrella.". Of course, he did not want to be separated from their mother and son, but with concern, he could no longer be as fearless as before. Lu Jin, here, you touch here, "Chu Yun sobbed in her throat, reached out and pulled Lu Jin's big palm, stuck it to her flat lower abdomen, and a tear slowly drew down her delicate face." We have a baby again. Chu Yun looked up at Lu Jin's handsome face, with tears in her beautiful eyes, and told him her little secret with a smile. Lu Jin stared at her as if unsure of what he had heard. Chuyun smiled at him and looked into each other's souls. Lu Jin was stunned by her beautiful smile, and suddenly there was a surge of heat in her chest. He searched for the right words to tell her how he felt at the moment, but he couldn't find them. She gave him such a precious gift at this time. So why don't you come with us? "My child and I need you," Chuyun reached out to touch his handsome face and whispered softly. Lu Jin looked at her deeply. In his pocket, the phone vibrated and buzzed faintly, reminding him that he had to deal with the crisis quickly. And his baby, looking up at him with a picturesque little face, his heart clenched by the complete trust and dependence on his face. "It's not so easy for me to go, baby," he said, picking up her little face and kissing it to comfort her, rubbing her tearful face with his cheek, and then he told her with a sigh. "You have to come with me unless there are no more Lu Jin and Shen Chuyun in the world." I don't want to, and I don't think you want to. So, will you leave with Haohao first and let me deal with this matter with peace of mind? I promise I'll be there for you before our second baby is born. The phone in his pocket kept urging him, and Lu Jin had to hold her body tightly in his arms again, so hard that he almost melted her into his own part, and then kissed her on her dull little face, beckoning the guards to escort her into the room. Lu Jin's car quickly slid into the dark night, rain and fog. At the gate, Chuyun shook his little hand and touched the wet place on his face and stood in a daze, looking at the direction of the car leaving, unable to make a sound for a long time. —————————————— Conference Room of the Joint Headquarters of the Independent Army and the KAI Armed Regime "We can't promise. It will chill the hearts of the people below." There were only two people sitting at the long conference table. Lin Zhixian opened his mouth calmly, but his fingers on the table kept tapping on the table, showing that his heart was not as calm as his face. Only one big light on the top of the long table was turned on in the conference hall. Except for the long table, the rest of the corners were very dark. On one side of the long table, Commander Yang,deep draw stamping, who had rushed to the scene, was silent after listening to his words. Lin Zhixian also no longer makes a sound, the entire conference room only hears a few shallow breathing sounds.

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