Floating Life Story 1. 2 Complete works

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She said that the ant family lives very hard and carefully,

She said that the ant family lives very hard and carefully, because they are too small and too weak, and a small human action is fatal to them. I told her I wouldn't hurt you. The next day, my mother carried me home. I never saw the ant girl again. September 13 Weather: Rain Mom and Dad had a fight with the mayor because he wouldn't let me go to school. I am ten years old this year, and children of the same age carry schoolbags every day and pass by my house noisily. It is said that school is a place where you can learn a lot, know a lot of people and harvest a lot of happiness. I want to go to school. Yesterday, I told David next door that I wanted to go to school with him, just to see it. David agreed. I'm so happy. David is my only friend. Although he occasionally plays pranks on me. September 14 Weather: Rain I was pushed into the open space behind the school by David, who pushed me out of the wheelchair and dragged it into the ditch. Kids at school threw rocks at me. They laughed and said, "Let's see who is more accurate.". I heard someone shouting, "Kill this monster!"! Yes, they are brave knights, and I am an ugly monster, with distinct sides. My mother brought me home with tears. In the future,Inflatable bouncer, I will never tell them that I want to go to school. The monster in the fairy tale is to eat people, but I don't eat people, so is it a monster? I'm a little confused. January 8 weather: overcast David got married. The bride is so beautiful. They moved to Paris. The house next door has a new owner. I saw an old man with white hair, followed by a small girl with golden curly hair, carrying a well-behaved suitcase,Inflatable indoor park, with a face like an apple just ripe in autumn. I hid behind the curtain and watched quietly. January 19 Weather: Sunny Clary made me apple pancakes. She was the only girl who didn't scream when she saw me. She said she heard me play the piano, and the sound was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard. Yes, I have a second-hand piano, which I bought with the money I earned from writing papers and manuscripts for others. I didn't go to school. My parents taught me to read. However, when I see all the difficult problems that make others headache, such as math problems, physics problems, chemistry problems and so on, I can easily write the answers. I helped a physics student write his graduation thesis, which caused a sensation in his school. They said that it could not be written by a college graduate. No, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,Inflatable outdoor park, because I didn't go to school for a day. I am very happy to make money. I actually don't like to help people write these things, I like to play the piano, Chopin's "Nocturne", I only heard it once and fell in love. There was no score, no fingering, and I played it over and over on my second-hand piano. Clarry said she liked the way I played the piano, and there was a kind of radiance in my whole body. March 27 Weather: Rain Clary was locked in the attic by her grandfather. It's taboo to associate with me. A good girl should not associate with a monster. I dragged the piano nearest to the window. From dawn to dusk, I played Nocturne over and over again. I know. She's the closest place to me. My music, played only for her. April 26 weather: overcast The room next door is empty. Clary was forcibly taken to Poland by her grandfather. I heard that there was a rich and handsome man waiting for his bride. In my hand, I held a pocket watch, which was a birthday gift from Clary. She said that every time she heard me play the piano, time was frozen. I fell asleep on the piano. Tears flowed from my eyes into the gap between the keys. June 28 Weather: Sunny Mom had an argument with the mayor. Or because of me. The mayor and they suggested that we move out of town. He said that all residents expressed that they did not want to see a "monster" in this "peaceful and happy" town that would frighten children to cry at any time. Mom won't. At night, a group of people broke into my house. Many things in the house were broken, including my piano. A freak like you plays the piano? When I left, a man with small eyes gave me a contemptuous look. I sat in my wheelchair and watched them strut out of my house. My heart is cooling little by little. Weather on August 2: Thunderstorm There is a strange disease in the town, like a plague. Many people are dying. The psychic in the town said that it was my existence that led to the misfortune. They're going to Lynch me and burn me. This town is very remote, one more person, one less person, will not be known to outsiders. Dad picked up his shotgun for the first time and growled at the approaching men. Mother protected me tightly and was ready to fight with anyone who approached me. They chained the front door of our house, doused it with gasoline and set it on fire. The smoke is really choking. Mom and Dad fell in the light of the fire. I thought I was going to die. But the grey rabbit saved me. It dragged me deep into the woods. I saw many other animals, bears, moles, wild boars. They say they are monsters. December 25 Weather: Snow I can't remember how many Christmases this has been in my life. Just now, I gave a gift to the boar spirits. I have just developed a successful acceleration chip, with which their speed can be equal to the speed of light. I want to thank them. Only their power can help me build this underground kingdom in such a short time. Over the years, they have become accustomed to taking me as their leader. On behalf of all their fellow monsters, the boar spirits once said, "You are smarter than us.". Yeah, I'm smarter than anyone. So, I have the power to change the world. I hate who I used to be. I hate being put above me. Weather on May 3: Sunny Ten of them must pay the price for their actions. Neptune, in the end, is the best gift for them,inflatable air dancer, for all human beings who despise the weak. I will create a world. I am God. Pow! Lu Azang closed the book, his heart churning. The grey rabbit opened his eyes, and his breath was much steadier than before. joyshineinflatables.com

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