Forty thousand years of cultivation

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"Don't you understand the simple truth that only by living and

"Don't you understand the simple truth that only by living and condensing into a powerful force can you keep your relatives in the family?" "But," said Yun Chenghua. "Enough!" Lei Chenghu stared, broke the other side crisply and neatly, and put his neck on the other side's blade, shouting, "If you want to kill, kill, where is so much nonsense!" Yun Chenghua was shaken by the shock, the blade slightly cut Lei Chenghu's neck, and immediately the blood surged. All the jailers and guards around him exclaimed. Yun Chenghua shrank his hand like an electric shock, and his face was paler than that of a dead man. Lei Chenghu tore off a piece of clothes at random, covered his neck with blood, and his clothes were red in an instant, but he was unconscious, his sharp lips were tightly closed, and his eyes were staring at Yunchenghua without blinking. Yun Chenghua swallowed saliva with great difficulty, his face became more and more pale,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but a resolute flame appeared in his eyes. Looking around, as if from the Shenwei prison's many high-level and their own pro-guard face to get a new power, Yunchenghua hands holding the sword, respectfully returned to the hands of Lei Chenghu: "Liao Haihou, please.." Give the order, all the people in Shenwei prison, resolutely obey your command! Li Yao has been watching from behind,CSD filling line, until this moment, finally slowly, slowly opened his mouth, big enough to put in a coconut. Lei Chenghu took his sword and waved away the blood stains on it, which were as thick as ink. He glanced back at Li Yao and said, "I'm sorry. One of the insiders who killed you didn't know if the queen had told you what to do in such a situation." "No, it doesn't matter, I don't care." Li Yaolian hurriedly said, "I just didn't expect that General Lei could be overbearing to such an extent. I was deeply convinced by your towering arrogance. The reverence buried in the bottom of my heart since childhood came out again. I was in a trance for a while. I also wanted to be loyal to General Lei and work under you!" Lei Chenghu frowned slightly: "Aren't you the personal bodyguard of the Empress? You'd better work hard for the Empress." Li Yaoshan said, "General Lei may not believe it. In fact, I am not very familiar with the queen. I just came together for the lofty idea of'saving the empire '. But after seeing what General Lei has done today, I found that you seem to be a little higher than the queen. So I can't help admiring General Lei and longing to fight side by side with you." It is also very reasonable to'gallop the sea of stars, Vegetable oil filling machine ,plastic bottle making machine, stir the Milky Way 'and so on. Lei Chenghu just a few words, bloodless to control the overall situation, but now very rare to reveal a moment of confusion: "." What kind of deified strong man are you? "Like General Ray, he is a powerful man who is free from vulgar tastes and personal desires and fights wholeheartedly for the interests of the Empire and human civilization as a whole." Li Yao gave a dry cough and said, "So, General Lei can absolutely believe me, I really volunteered to rescue you, absolutely on your side!" Chapter 2225 make the best use of everything. Lei Chenghu looked at Li Yao's sincere face and friendly eyes. He was stunned for a long time before he said, "Is this some kind of clumsy trick of pretending to be loyal to me and gaining my trust so that you can monitor me nearby?" "Absolutely not." Li Yao shook his head firmly, "believe me, General Lei, I am sincere!" "I don't believe anyone now. I'm from the imperial capital. Neither the Senate nor the palace is easy to deal with!" Lei Chenghu took a deep look at Li Yao. Time was pressing, but he had no time to tangle with him, a guy who did not play cards according to common sense. He turned his head back to Yunchenghua again. "Warden Yun, what's the situation now? To what extent do you control the Shenwei prison? Where is the Shenwei fleet deployed? Is it under your absolute control?" He has just called Yunchenghua "Yun Daoyou", which is a negotiation between the two sides to strive for like-minded. Now he calls Yun Chenghua "Yun Warden", but he accepts the loyalty of the other side. Yun Chenghua took a deep breath, since step out of this step, there is no turning back to go, Lei Chenghu is right, if you want to keep their wife and children, or even in the vast stage of the sea of stars, it must be as strong as possible to say! At that moment, I pulled myself together and threw myself into my new role. My hands were running like the wind. I pulled out hundreds of monitoring light curtains in one breath. While operating nervously, I said: "Report back to the Marquis of Liaohai. Shenwei Prison has just suffered a very serious man-made earthquake. A large amount of underground magma has been squeezed into the bottom of Shenwei Prison by high pressure. The bottom five floors have all fallen, and four energy supply base stations have been seriously damaged." Emergency energy reserves can only supply the most basic defense system and the normal operation of air defense firepower points on the ground. Moreover, our master crystal brain was also invaded by the strange virus of the Holy Alliance. At the moment when the magma devoured the energy supply base station and the master crystal brain was under the greatest pressure, it was hijacked by the enemy. Through remote control, it opened part of the first prison area and all the prisons in the third prison area, releasing a large number of prisoners and prisoners of war. Affected by this, the first and third prison areas have been completely occupied by the prisoners and prisoners of war, most of the jailers have been killed by them, and the situation is very bad. However, the defense system of Shenwei Prison has been tested for hundreds of years, and even if prisoners and prisoners of war can completely occupy the prison area, they can never escape. Now, I have recaptured the control of the master crystal brain, cut off all the passages from the first and third prison areas to the outside world. An ant can't climb out. The crystal armor battle group stationed in the upper level of Shenwei Prison has also been deployed in various key areas. It is only considering that the environment below is too complicated that I did not rush in. As for the Shenwei fleet, it has already known the news of the riot in the Shenwei prison, and is breaking into the atmosphere and entering the combat mode of "near-ground fire blockade." They will descend to a low altitude of two to three hundred meters from the ground,liquid bottle filling machine, firmly locking every passage of the Death Prison into and out of the ground, and any prisoner or prisoner of war dares to climb out of the underground, in a vast expanse of white ice and snow. Will be the most conspicuous target! "But..".

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