Everybody loves my face.

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It was used to prove that the photo was indeed taken by her two years ago, not a recent composite.

I am not a fan of Qiao Yang, I want a photo of Zhao Yuxi! It's so beautiful. How can there be such a beautiful little sister? 【 1……】 [2, Benming Sorry, I climbed the wall TAT] Although the fans were very excited, in order not to arouse the disgust of passers-by, they all lined up in an orderly manner under the prevention of Zhao Yuxi. Hundreds of items were sold out in less than an hour. Zhao Yuxi roughly calculated that everyone was paid by mobile phone, and today's turnover was about tens of thousands of yuan. Buying clothes is only a few thousand at most, and eating a meal is only a few hundred. Thinking that it was not easy for these fans to make money, after discussing with Qiao Yang, Zhao Yuxi returned the extra money. And this action is also seen by everyone, but also for her to attract a lot of people's favor. Because the two of them here to attract a lot of people, not to mention the two of them can not be fair and aboveboard, to eat in ordinary restaurants, which will cause a lot of commotion. So they discussed it and decided to go back to the villa to order takeout. Qiao Yang saw Zhao Yu Xi in the order of takeout when conveniently ordered a few more,7g Ozone Generator, originally he also wondered why she did so. But wait until two people eat and drink enough to see the other two people back to the villa with a tired face, Qin Qiu shouted hungry as soon as he entered the door, Qiao Yang understood Zhao Yu Xi's intention. Qiao Yang handed the extra takeout to the two of them. Zhao Yuxi seemed casual when ordering takeout, but Qiao Yang found that all the food he prepared for them was low-calorie food, and he specially ordered vegetable salad for the two girls. Fang Yingluo was a little surprised and thanked them while explaining to them. It turned out that because they had been selling for a long time, many fans rushed to the street after seeing the live broadcast. More and more fans came later,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, but they could only stay on the periphery, because they could not interact with each other for a long time. When they were ready to go to lunch, many people drove up to follow them. Finally not only did not eat lunch, but also let the car around a lot of circles before daring to return to the villa. After a hard morning, Zhao Yu Xi took a bath and went back to bed, sleeping in the dark until the evening. In the last part of today, the program group has also been carefully prepared. Is a personal independent original design, so the flow of people is not much, and will not cause a commotion. Six people are handsome men and beautiful women, in the entertainment industry for many years, ceramic igniter electrodes ,ceramic bobbin element, have the most basic aesthetic basis, should not have made any mistakes. But there are several people who have their own stylists to match their clothes on weekdays, which will make them prepare, and the clothes they choose are not ugly, but they are not in line with themselves, which makes a lot of jokes. Qin Qiu's appearance is mature and steady, but he wears a frivolous suit. Fang Yingluo is petite and lovely, with a lively and cheerful personality, but she chose a gentle floor-length dress. Ugly is not ugly, but how to look strange. After this day of getting along, the relationship between the six people has been more harmonious. Zhao Yu Xi is not polite to laugh at at the same time, but also gave him two people to choose a few. Fang Yingluo was not convinced, but after changing, she looked at herself in the mirror and had to admit that this little pink dress was much better than the one just now. What are you wearing? Fang Yingluo saw that Zhao Yuxi had not changed for a long time and asked curiously. Zhao Yuxi raised her eyebrows and smiled, "I look good in everything. I'll pick one after you finish choosing." "Hey!"! How shameless you are! It's bustling here, and the Internet is not very calm. On the bullet screen of the live broadcast, many people were discussing a photo that had just come out of nowhere. The focus is on the content of this photo. This looks like a very ordinary landscape with the Eiffel Tower in the background at night in Paris. The photos don't look like they were taken this year, because the passers-by are wearing the clothes that were popular in the previous two years. Originally, people who saw it wondered how such an ordinary picture of the scenery could suddenly become a hot search. But when they looked at it carefully several times, they found a couple kissing in the lower left corner of the picture. And the side faces of these two people are familiar to everyone. One is Qu Lin. And the other is Zhao Yu Xi. Chapter 60 As soon as the photo was taken, many people wanted to find out who it came from. Whether it was fans, sunspots, or passers-by who ate melons, they all wanted to know the truth behind the photo. An hour later, a Weibo account finally came out to explain that the photo came from her. She explained on Weibo that the photo was originally posted in her circle of friends, and she did not know who had circulated it. She herself did not expect that the photo would be so popular and cause such a big commotion, so it took so long to dare to appear. She first explained that the photo was taken when she was traveling in Paris two years ago. At first, she did not find anything strange about the passers-by, because Zhao Yuxi and Qu Lin were not so popular at that time. She didn't notice the details in the lower left corner of the photo until she looked back at the camera album a few days ago and was ready to delete some of the memory. At that time, she thought she was dazzled and made a mistake. After all, she herself has paid attention to a lot of gossip in the entertainment circle and knows what a big commotion these two people have caused. She never expected that the two would kiss like lovers in the streets of Paris two years ago. She also sent it to a friend to identify it, and the two had a heated discussion. It was not until the live broadcast of the reality show this morning that Qu Lin showed an unusual attitude towards Zhao Yuxi in the show that she sent out this photo to complain in the circle of friends. Because everyone was questioning, in order to prove the authenticity of the photo,alumina c799, she first sent a screenshot of the circle of friends. Then he sent out the screenshots he had discussed with his friends, and finally sent out the screenshots showing the time on the camera. It was used to prove that the photo was indeed taken by her two years ago, not a recent composite. global-ceramics.com

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