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Xiaoyu thought for a moment and said, "As far as I know, there are still three people around Yan Yunfei,whirlpool hot tub, Lao Sha, Xiang Qi, and a very difficult Jianghu boy Duan Hong. This strength is not weak. If.." 。

It doesn't matter. I can wait for you to come back and celebrate. If you don't attend your best friend's birthday, she will be sad. Snow endured the loneliness on her face and tried to show a calm look, but her trembling voice betrayed her mood at the moment. Wife, are you really all right? I hastened to hold the snow and asked. I'm fine. I'm just a little sad. It doesn't matter to me. It's not good to be late. I'll help you find clothes. Snow did not hide her feelings at all, turned on the light, found out the suit shoes, helped me put them on, and finally chose the most beautiful tie and tied it carefully for me. Have a good time. Snow opened the door for me, kissed me on the cheek, pushed me out of the door, the car's engine sounded, snow shook his hand in the direction of the car, until the car disappeared in the field of vision before closing the door lonely, sitting in his seat, eyes gawking at the flickering flames of red candles. One point, two points.. Ten minutes later,endless swimming pool, the snow seemed to have passed a century, and finally sighed feebly and stood up to clear the table. Suddenly, there was a rapid knock on the door, the snow should be a "come", slowly walked over and opened the door, but was surprised to find me standing in front of her. Honey, why are you back? Snow asked in a hurry. I have called to inform her that I can't go to her birthday party because of something. At the same time,indoor endless pool, when I got out of the car, I found that my house key was not in my clothes, so I had to knock on the door. Honey, why did you take so long to open the door? I'm starving to death. I've taken off my suit and thrown my tie on the sofa. Honey, you really shouldn't not go to your best friend's birthday. She will be sad. Snow still wanted to persuade me, but I held my little hand instead. I'm really not going. Her big sadness is far less important to me than your little sadness. I picked up the face of snow and said seriously. Snow's eyes were already glistening with tears: "Well, let's start our celebration!" " So what are we waiting for? Here's to our wonderful eighth anniversary. I sat down in my chair and picked up my glass at the same time. Husband "Hm?" "I love you." Although I didn't go, Kitano still shone brilliantly at the birthday party that night. Not only did she reach several cooperation intentions with several big companies at her mother's behest, but she also danced and became the most eye-catching star at the party. Later, I learned that Kitano's mother, who had always been stingy with praise, endless pool swim spa ,garden jacuzzi tub, also smiled and praised Kitano in public. Although Kitano Jing successfully used her birthday party to show her own strength, my temporary change of mind and absence still made her take it to heart. For five or six days in a row, she resolutely implemented the Cold War plan against me, and even my voluntary apology was ignored. In the end, I didn't bother to haggle with her any more. She didn't look for me, and I was happy to be free. During working hours, I either slept on the desk or played games. In the end, Kitano realized that this was not the way to go, so she spoke to me again, but her tone was still unfriendly: "I can't imagine that Vice General Manager Zhou Bufan is just a shameless villain who doesn't keep his word." I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I can only accept her words. After all, I broke my promise first. At the same time, I also proved an old saying, don't offend a woman if you have nothing to do: "Even if I am a villain." "What? Even if you are a villain, you are." Kitano Jing's sharp teeth do not let go of the loopholes in my sentence. All right, I'm a villain. I have no choice but to admit my bad luck. The other day you used the excuse that you had a very, very important date. Don't brush me off. I want to know what important date is more important than my birthday? Asked Kitano, gnashing her teeth. "This?" I thought about it and told her that it didn't matter. "It's the eighth anniversary of my acquaintance with Xue." "What?"? Why is this eighth anniversary so important, more important than my birthday party? So at my birthday party next year, you're going to have a bullshit ninth anniversary with Ximen Xue. Kitano Jing shouted angrily. Hearing her use of that word to snow, I frowned deeply and looked coldly at Kitano. Kitano Jing seemed to know that she had said something wrong and quickly changed the subject: "We have been opposing Wei Yan and Ji Min's family now. It seems that it has no effect on Ma Tao and Li Chunyu. Did we make a mistake in the direction at the beginning?" Since Kitano Jing changed the topic, I also followed her meaning, otherwise it would be no good for both sides to continue: "This is also a matter of no way, after all, your department and Wei Yan have the most business contacts, so we should not target Wei Yan in the near future.". You should pay more attention to Ma Tao's recent work trends so that we can find a breakthrough accurately. Kitano Jing nodded and said: "I think they will have a big move recently, I found that the real estate development department are busy, and even a few days of overtime, it is estimated that in the analysis of something." "Well, you should pay more attention to them, and at the same time you should pay more attention to your warehouse department, and don't leave any tail for them to step on it in turn, which is not good for the scene you just won." I stretched and looked up at the clock hanging on the wall. It was long past the time to get off work. I'd better go home as soon as possible. Kitano and I walked through the empty office hall and took the elevator downstairs together. In the middle of the elevator, there was a sudden violent tremor, followed by a red emergency light, but in a few seconds the emergency light went out, and the narrow elevator was suddenly dark. Kitano Jing suddenly panicked like a frightened rabbit, screaming and hugging me tightly standing beside her,endless swim spa, holding my neck tightly with both hands and refusing to let go. Only then did I realize that the girl was so strong that I could hardly get up in one breath. I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid. It's nothing. I guess it's either a power outage or an elevator failure. I patted Kitano on the back to comfort her, and made myself breathe a little, and it took a long time for her mood to recover. monalisa.com

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