How to choose to buy Camera Module

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Camera Module

How do I choose to purchase a Camera Module? The use of medical imaging equipment allows physicians to understand lesions that are invisible to the naked eye in a relatively short period of time, thereby improving diagnostic efficiency. In the application of imaging equipment, the selected equipment must be durable, and it is inseparable from the choice of a good manufacturer, and there are many endoscopic cameras with various parameters, so how to choose?

How about the evaluation of the endoscopic camera? Electronic endoscope: the main body of the endoscopic camera, optical system, light source, 4 control subsystems and computer image processing and display system. The main body of the endoscope refers to the body part of the endoscope, including an optical imaging system, an area array CCD, a beam transmission and an adjustment mechanism. The control subsystem includes CCD driving circuit and image acquisition circuit (driving CCD, controlling image acquisition), video driving brightness control system (adjusting the luminous brightness of light source), image distortion real-time correction system (for real-time online correction of endoscope optical system) distortion) and an image real-time acquisition and display system (which controls image acquisition and display). What are the factors that affect the image effect of the endoscope camera? The hole detection image of the electronic endoscope camera is often not clear enough due to the influence of noise. There are many reasons for noise, such as internal noise of sensitive sensing components, particle noise of photosensitive materials, thermal noise, jitter noise caused by relative motion, interference noise of transmission channel, and quantization noise. Reflected on the image, the noise makes the originally uniform and continuously changing gray scale suddenly increase or decrease, forming some isolated points and false edges, and sometimes even submerging the features, which brings a lot of difficulties to the analysis. The cause of noise determines the distribution characteristics of noise and its relationship with the image signal.

The light emitted by the light source passes through the transmission beam (optical fiber), and is transmitted to the inside of the human body through the main body of the endoscope to illuminate the part of the human body that needs to be inspected. The objective lens images the part to be inspected on the area array CCD, which is controlled by the CCD drive circuit. The CCD collects images and outputs standard video signals.

The adjustment mechanism is used to adjust the viewing angle of the front end of the endoscope, which can be adjusted up and down, left and right, and rotated. How does the endoscopic camera image? The video-driven brightness control system adjusts the brightness of the light source according to the video signal output by the CCD to ensure that there are no white high-brightness areas on the output image. Due to the distortion of the optical system, the CCD outputs a distorted video signal, and the image distortion real-time correction system corrects it and outputs the corrected video signal. The real-time image acquisition and display system of the endoscope camera collects, saves and processes the corrected video signal, and manages the medical records.

Reminder: In the era of rapid development, endoscopic cameras have become indispensable medical equipment. In different regions, the endoscopic cameras used should be different, and the quality of the camera will directly affect the quality of the picture. Accurately, when choosing, you must know how to choose Camera Module.

Camera Module

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