9 Tips to Optimize Local SEO for Multiple Locations

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It is one of the most important functions of a comprehensive local SEO strategy for multiple location brands to have location pages. In this blog, we are going to learn how to do multiple location SEO with the help of the top 9 tips that can revolutionize your SEO game.


It is one of the most important functions of a comprehensive local SEO strategy for multiple location brands to have location pages. These pages function as vehicles to assist local consumers to find the data they have to contact your business and make an acquisition. Our professional seo services can do wonders for you. Let us evaluate your website properly and put important things in front of your eyes. We take only nominal charges to give a quick push to the website's ranking to above positions. So, if you’re looking for affordable SEO services, we are the right place for you.

Local SEO for Multiple Locations

In this blog, we are going to learn how to do multiple location SEO, so without further adieu let us go through it.  

1. Perform competitor research

 To effectively implement SEO for multiple locations, it’s important that you simply understand the market and assess your competition. You need to understand what makes your company unique, and the way you are able to leverage your strengths for a specific location. Performing competitor research is one of the best forms of multiple location SEO. Understanding these questions will facilitate your style and implement an area SEO strategy that may facilitate your attraction and convert more customers. You can begin by conducting a straightforward analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. 

Also, you can evaluate what your competitors do well and areas they could have to improve. Performing competitor research will facilitate you better understand the market, implement local SEO campaigns that resonate together with your audience and encourage them to get your products and services.

2. Use one domain

 If your business operates in multiple location SEO, you’ll have to separate domains for each location. However, because each domain is indexed separately, your marketing efforts will only affect the domain you publish content on and build links to. In other words, if you want each of your multiple location SEO to rank well in search results, stick to at least one site with individual pages for every one of your locations. If you propose to make unique content for every one of your locations, you’ll be able to use a subfolder or subdomain to manage them. 

3. Create location-specific content

 If you want to rank in top spots for every one of your multiple location SEO, it’s important to make pages and content specifically optimized for every location. For example, you’ll be able to create pages with testimonials from local customers for every location, or post photos of your shop or store. To avoid duplicate content penalties, you’ll have to make sure that the content for every one of your locations is as unique as possible. This can also facilitate your to form a more targeted user experience.

If you opt to feature product reviews or testimonials, make certain to sort them and place them on the corresponding location pages. You can also want to form sure that you simply update other unique details like the hours, varieties of payment accepted, and driving directions. To streamline your marketing approach, you’ll create one “Locations” landing page and link bent on each location page. As far as content is concerned, you wish to make unique, helpful content for every of your location pages. In other words, the pages must fulfill the goal searchers are attempting to accomplish.

For example, you’ll be able to include a custom description of the services you provide at each location, still as internal links to blog posts or case studies. One major bonus of case studies is that they permit you to attach your work to local clients and supply search engines with more local signals.

4. Claim your Google My Business listings

Claiming your business on Google My Business could be a relatively easy process, and allows you to indicate au courant Google Maps for searches in your area. You will be able to create a business account and share the management of varied locations with multiple users.

Google My Business allows you to manually add additional locations, or if your business has 10 or more locations, you’ll use bulk location management to import and manage new multiple location SEO. If you have got over 10 locations, you’ll also use bulk verification to verify all of your locations. There also are several other online directories you’ll be able to use. Just confirm you retain track of the directories you employ and which locations you list.

5. Specialize in link building

To boost your rankings in local search results, you’ll specialize in earning more authority backlinks from local sites. For instance, you’ll be able to reach resolute bloggers in your area to determine if they’re inquisitive about sharing your content or allowing you to guest post on their site. You can also earn links from local publications by sponsoring or hosting events, additionally as letting local journalists know when something newsworthy is happening at your business. This can earn you more local links and send positive signals to Google which will ultimately boost your rankings in local search results.

6. Avoid keyword stuffing

If your content is choked with keywords, it’ll seem unnatural to readers, and Google will acquire the stuffed text. One example of keyword stuffing is listing a variety of cities and states your business is trying to rank for in search results. This explicitly goes against Google’s quality guidelines, and you can find yourself hurting your business within the long term.

7. Encourage local reviews

Another way to draw in local business is to encourage people within the areas you’re targeting to review your business. This may help other locals to induce sorrow in your company, further because of the products and services you provide. Reviews also are great social proof because people tend to trust what other customers should say about your business and the information you publish yourself. One way you’ll encourage people to review your business is by sending short email surveys about your services. 

You can also ask people to administer feedback about their experience after they purchase a product or service, or keep some tablets at your stores to ask customers to give feedback before they leave. This will facilitate your gaining valuable insight on what your company is doing well and what you’ll improve. In addition, you’ll feature local reviews on each of the local pages on your website as our way to focus on more qualified, local traffic.

8. Schema and structured markup

 It’s also a decent idea to use Schema.org structured data markup for your address and hours. There are a variety of structured data generators, and you’ll use Google’s structured data testing tool to check the effectiveness of your site.

9. Optimize local SEO

Google tells us that 46 percent of searches are made with local intent and 76 percent of searches for a neighborhood business will lead to an in-store visit within 24 hours. Many businesses, however, should work out the way to come up with an SEO strategy for multiple locations. You need to indicate to customers that closer isn’t always better. By demonstrating that you just are the foremost reputable provider, you’ll attract more customers to your business – whether or not there’s another one closer to their location on the map.

Each location has an identical name, but they need to make sure that they seem within the local searches for his or her region. Local SEO is geographically-specific SEO designed to confirm that your customers can find your location in reality. 

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