Performance characteristics and application of plastic switch mould

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plastic switch mould

Plastic switch mould refers to a socket that only passes AC voltage. Generally speaking, it is an equipment socket in the market. A socket that conforms to the IEC60320 electric welder's specification is different from a household socket switch. It is used in household appliances, UPS switching power supplies, Chargers, set-top boxes, office equipment, fitness equipment, etc. Widely used in electronic products, car audio, electrical products, small toys, vision and hearing, MP3, MP4, GPS, mobile phone Bluetooth mobile phone headsets, electronic computers and spare parts near the IT industry and other industries.

Plastic switch mould refers to alternating current, and DC socket refers to direct current. Generally, the AC emblem is 250V10A, and the logo allows a maximum voltage of 250V and a current of 10A. In specific applications, it is best not to exceed the value of voltage and current to prevent risks such as fire accidents. All reserved at home are AC power plugs, universal AC sockets. The DC socket is a socket that matches the switching power supply dedicated to the computer display screen. It is composed of a horizontal jack, a vertical jack, an insulating layer base, a fork The two fork-shaped contact springs are precisely positioned at the center of the base management, and are connected to each other in horizontal and vertical order. One end of the fork-shaped contact spring is a wiring port, which is exposed on the top of the cylindrical wall of the base for connecting copper wires or flexible cables of the switching power supply. The other end of the fork-shaped contact spring is composed of two ductile arms interconnected by the substrate. Insert the DC power plug into the socket of the azimuth insulating layer base to provide the function of the computer display screen, so that everything works normally.

The power plug used for voltage switching power supply should pay attention to its grounding resistance, and it is best to choose a power plug with a non-metallic handle. When an outlet is connected to a power circuit, the quality of the contact connector will immediately compromise the load on the power circuit. Therefore, a socket with a small loop resistance should be selected in the power circuit design scheme. In the case of low output power power circuits, gold contact sockets should be selected when necessary. The voltage of the outlet application power circuit should be lower than the additional voltage of the outlet. The selection of industrial equipment cold back and electrical equipment cold back of plastic switch mould should be determined according to the application site. When the switch is turned on and off continuously and the load is not large, pay attention to the service life of the mechanical equipment of the switch when switching the switch. When the switch undertakes high power, pay attention to the service life of the electrical equipment of the switch when switching the switch.

plastic switch mould